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The 2021 Australia Encryption Trends Study, the most comprehensive encryption survey in the industry, highlights how Australian organisations are managing encryption strategies and data security threats across multiple clouds. The results are clear: sensitive data is at risk, whether the threat comes from a mistake or malicious act, inside or outside the organisation.

Coverage includes:

  • Multi-cloud encryption strategies
  • Trends in encryption adoption and deployment choices
  • Threats, drivers, and priorities
  • Importance of hardware security modules (HSMs)

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Setting the pace

The research found that organisations in Australia reached a new milestone, with 54% reporting that they have an overall encryption strategy that’s applied consistently, outpacing the global average.

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The threat is coming from inside the house

Nearly two-thirds of respondents in Australia identify employee errors as a threat to sensitive data, the highest rate worldwide.

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The skills gap

60% of organisations are struggling to find skilled personnel to manage encryption keys.


More use, more pain

With increasing use of the cloud comes a high rate of pain associated with managing keys for public clouds.


Looking forward

Blockchain is close to mainstream adoption with organisations considering multiple use cases. However, next generation encryption technologies, including multi-party computing, homomorphic encryption, and quantum algorithms are more than five years away.

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