Expertly integrate your applications with Entrust nShield HSMs

Organizations taking advantage of nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) frequently require custom code to integrate cryptographic capabilities into their applications.

Secure coding requires special skill; developers must be careful to utilize best practices and avoid introducing security risks and performance bottlenecks. For organizations that do not have in-house staff with secure coding skills, or need to supplement their teams with additional capacity and expertise, Entrust Professional Services offers expert custom development services that can accelerate projects and deliver secure and efficient results.

You can work with Entrust Professional Services in whatever way best meets your needs. As experts in Entrust products and development toolkits, we can provide advice and knowledge transfer, work alongside your team to add capacity for critical projects, or complete your custom integration from start to finish. However you choose to work with us, you can be assured of expert professional help that shortens development cycles, raises your team’s security awareness, and ensures that you receive the best possible return on your investment in security solutions.

In situations where you plan to do most or all of your own application integration, Entrust Professional Services provides a number of services and tools to support your efforts. These include:


Entrust offers two optional application integration toolkits:

  • 借助 CipherTools 开发人员工具包,在将 HSM 应用集成时,您可以充分利用 nShield HSM 系列提供的高级功能。 该工具包包含详细的教程和参考文档、用一系列高级语言编写的示例程序,以及其他版本的库,以扩展与业务应用程序进行集成的功能,这些功能超出了标准应用程序接口 (API) 所能实现的能力。
  • CodeSafe 开发人员工具包使应用程序开发人员能够编写可在 nShield HSM 的安全环境中安全加载和执行的程序,从而保护它们免受恶意软件和木马程序对主机系统的攻击。 CodeSafe 提供了一种应用程序“沙盒”设置,其中可以验证代码的完整性,并授权代码以防篡改的方式执行,非常适合驻留在不可信任位置的应用程序。


For commonly encountered integration tasks, Entrust has prepared guides that can help your team save time and avoid common pitfalls by utilizing best practices for integrating nShield HSMs with specific commercial software applications.


To ensure that you can obtain the help you need when you need it, Entrust offers multiple levels of support contracts, including developer support, giving you access to experts in Entrust products, developer toolkits, and APIs.