Virtualize More. Securely.

For most organizations, it’s not a question of whether to use cloud and virtualization, but rather how and how much. Whether private, public, hybrid, multi-cloud or virtualized, a variety of regulatory and security concerns keep organizations from moving forward with needed innovation.

With Ultimate Power…

Products like VMware ESXi, NSX, and vSphere concentrate their power in the hypervisor. Because of the absolute power of the hypervisor over compute, storage, and network, access control to admin/root accounts, network administration, and servers is vital.


Entrust CloudControl reduces risk by providing unified security and compliance controls across hybrid multi-clouds, lowering operational overhead and facilitating workload agility.

Multi-cloud Encryption

Entrust DataControl provides granular encryption for comprehensive multi-cloud security. The protection boundary does not stop at the hypervisor or data store - VMs are individually encrypted. Inside VMs, unique keys can be assigned to encrypt individual partitions, including the boot (OS) disk.


Entrust KeyControl enables enterprises to easily manage all their encryption keys at scale, how often they rotate them, and how they are shared securely.

Cloud Security, Encryption, and Key Management Products

Powerful encryption, policy, and access control for virtual, public, private, and hybrid cloud environments

  • 云安全态势管理
  • 多云加密
  • 密钥管理


With the rapid proliferation of data, cloud is becoming the platform enterprises turn to for innovation, but security and compliance concerns remain top of mind.

– John Considine, General Manager for Cloud Infrastructure


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