Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWACS) for PSD2 Compliance

Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWACs) from Entrust encrypt sensitive data and identify Payment Service Providers and financial institutions, as well as their roles, in compliance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) enacted by the European Union.

QWACs enable and provide security using TLS:

  • End-to-end data encryption between the server and client
  • Authentication and integrity
  • PSD2 compliance

QWAC PSD2 Features

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Legal Compliance

Our certificates comply with eIDAS Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 and the Payment Services Directive (EU) 2105/2366. They’re implemented in accordance with ETSI standards EN 319 411, EN 319 412 and TS 119 495.

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Strongest Security

All of our certificates are identity checked in accordance with European standards and secured using the latest security guidelines: SHA-2/2048 bit keys, 128-256-bit encryption and support RSA encryption.

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Unlimited Reissues

Cancel and reissue SSL certificates throughout their term without hassle.

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Unlimited Server Licenses

Install TLS/SSL certificates on an unlimited number of servers at no extra cost.


Robust Reporting

Avoid accidental certificate expirations with automatic expiration notifications.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

The EU Commission extended the deadline for compliance to the PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) to December 31, 2020.

It is up to the National Competent Authority (NCA) of each member state to establish penalties for non-compliance. Please refer to your NCA for specific details.

QWAC PSD2 certificates from Entrust are in compliance with, and valid throughout, the European Union.

Clarity and Compliance from Validated Identities

QWAC PSD2 certificates include extended identity validation and identity of the payment service provider and its roles:

  • PSP_AI Account information service
  • PSP_PI Payment initiation service
  • PSP_AS Account services
  • PSP_IC Issuing of card-based payment instruments

Choose the Best QWAC Certificate for Your Organization

No. of SANS Supported
Encryption Algorithm
Hashing Algorithm
Minimum Key Size
Certificate Delivery
Verification Method

QWAC PSD2 Test Certificates

12 Months

2048 Bits
Some verification required

QWAC PSD2 Production Certificates

12 Months

2048 Bits
EV+ Domains: File / WHOIS

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